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From Middle English strengthe, from Old English strengþu (strength), from Proto-West Germanic *strangiþu (strongness; strength), equivalent to strong +‎ -th. Cognate with Dutch strengte (strength), German Low German Strengde, Strengte (harshness; rigidity; strictness; severity).


  • (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /stɹɛŋkθ/
  • (General American) IPA(key): [st̠͡ɹ̠ɛŋkθ], /stɹɛŋθ/, [st̠͡ɹ̠ɛn̪θ]
    • (pinpen merger) IPA(key): [st̠͡ɹ̠ɪŋkθ]
    • (pre-/ŋ/ tensing) IPA(key): [st̠͡ɹ̠ɛɪŋkθ], [st̠͡ɹ̠eɪŋkθ]
  • Rhymes: -ɛŋθ, -ɛnθ


strength (countable and uncountable, plural strengths)

  1. The quality or degree of being strong.
    Antonym: weakness
  2. The intensity of a force or power; potency.
  3. The strongest part of something; that on which confidence or reliance is based.
  4. A positive attribute.
    Antonym: weakness
  5. (obsolete) An armed force, a body of troops.
  6. (obsolete) A strong place; a stronghold.


Derived terms

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strength (third-person singular simple present strengths, present participle strengthing, simple past and past participle strengthed)

  1. (obsolete) To strengthen (all senses). [12th–17th c.]
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:strengthen

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