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Clipping of zoological garden or zoological park, now the usual form. See zoology. Senses 5 and 6: clipping of zoophile or zoophilia.

  • IPA(key): /zuː/
  • Rhymes: -uː

zoo (plural zoos)

  1. A park where live animals are exhibited.
  2. (informal, figuratively) Any place that is wild, crowded, or chaotic.
  3. (informal, figuratively) A large and varied collection of something.
  4. (US, military, slang) The jungle.
    • 2013, E. E. "Doc" Murdock, My Vietnam War (page 152)
      I'm not all that unhappy about being out on an actual patrol, but there's a worried feeling wandering around the back of my mind, not exactly fear, more like a sort of lurking anxiety at being out in the dreaded jungle, the zoo, where the enemy hides.
  5. (slang) A zoophile.
  6. (slang, uncountable) Pornographic material depicting actual animals or bestiality.
  • IPA(key): (Central) [ˈzo.u]
  • IPA(key): (Balearic, Valencia) [ˈzo.o]

zoo m (plural zoos)

  1. Clipping of zoològic.
  • “zoo” in Diccionari de la llengua catalana, segona edició, Institut d’Estudis Catalans.
  • IPA(key): [ˈzoo]

zoo f or n

  1. zoo
    Synonym: zoologická zahrada

Normally indeclinable. When neuter, can be declined as follows, although it is dated:

  • zoo in Příruční slovník jazyka českého, 1935–1957
  • zoo in Slovník spisovného jazyka českého, 1960–1971, 1989
  • zoo in Internetová jazyková příručka

From English zoo.

zoo c (singular definite zooen, plural indefinite zooer)

  1. a zoo, zoological garden
  • zoologisk have
  • (Belgium) IPA(key): /zoː/
  • (Netherlands) IPA(key): /zuː/, /zoː/
  • Hyphenation: zoo
  • Rhymes: -oː

Probably a borrowing from French zoo. Equivalent to a shortening of zoölogische tuin.

zoo m (plural zoos, diminutive zootje n)

  1. (chiefly Belgium) zoo
  • dierentuin, diergaarde

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.


  1. Archaic spelling of zo.

Clipping of zoologia ĝardeno.

  • IPA(key): [ˈzoo]
  • Rhymes: -oo
  • Hyphenation: zo‧o

zoo (accusative singular zoon, plural zooj, accusative plural zoojn)

  1. (zoology) zoo
  • bestoĝardeno
  • IPA(key): /zo/, /zo.o/

zoo m (plural zoos)

  1. zoo
  • zoologique
  • “zoo”, in Trésor de la langue française informatisé [Digitized Treasury of the French Language], 2012.


  1. first-person singular present indicative of zoar
  • IPA(key): */ˈd͡zɔ.o/
    • Rhymes: -ɔo
    • Hyphenation: zò‧o
  • (especially Rome) IPA(key): */ˈd͡zɔ/*
    • Rhymes:

zoo m (invariable)

  1. zoo
  • giardino zoologico

From English zoo.

  • IPA(key): /zu/
  • Rhymes: -zu, -u

zoo (Jawi spelling زو, plural zoo-zoo, informal 1st possessive zooku, 2nd possessive zoomu, 3rd possessive zoonya)

  1. zoo (park where live animals are exhibited)
  • kebun binatang
  • taman haiwan

Unadapted borrowing from English zoo.

  • IPA(key): /ˈzɔ.ɔ/, (colloquial) /zɔ/
  • Rhymes: -ɔɔ,
  • Syllabification: zo‧o
  • Syllabification: zoo

zoo n (indeclinable)

  1. (zoology) nature preserve, zoo, zoological garden, zoological park
    Synonyms: ogród zoologiczny, zoolog, zwierzyniec
  • zoo in Wielki słownik języka polskiego, Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN
  • zoo in Polish dictionaries at PWN
  • zôo (Brazil, superseded)

  • Rhymes: -u, -ou

zoo m (plural zoos)

  1. Clipping of jardim zoológico.
    Synonym: (Brazil) zoológico

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.

  • Rhymes: -ou
  • Hyphenation: zo‧o


  1. first-person singular present indicative of zoar

Borrowed from French zoo.

zoo n (uncountable)

  1. zoo
  • IPA(key): (Spain) /ˈθoo/ [ˈθo.o]
  • IPA(key): (Latin America) /ˈsoo/ [ˈso.o]
  • Rhymes: -oo
  • Syllabification: zo‧o

zoo m (plural zoos)

  1. zoo
  • “zoo”, in Diccionario de la lengua española, Vigésima tercera edición, Real Academia Española, 2014
  • IPA(key): /suː/
  • Homophone: so

zoo n

  1. zoo
  • zoo-
  • zoo in Svenska Akademiens ordlista (SAOL)

From Proto-Hmong-Mien *-ʔrɔŋH (good), possibly borrowed from Old Chinese (*raŋ, good). Cognate with Iu Mien longx.

  • IPA(key): /ʐɒ̃˧/


  1. good, fair, fine, well
  • Heimbach, Ernest E. (1979) White Hmong — English Dictionary[3], SEAP Publications, →ISBN.


  1. Alternative form of zo
  • Jacob Poole (d. 1827) (before 1828) William Barnes, editor, A Glossary, With some Pieces of Verse, of the old Dialect of the English Colony in the Baronies of Forth and Bargy, County of Wexford, Ireland, London: J. Russell Smith, published 1867, page 82

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