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From Middle French national, corresponding to nation +‎ -al.

  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈnaʃn̩(ə)l/, /ˈnaʃn(ə)l/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈnæʃən(ə)l/, /ˈnæʃn(ə)l/
  • Rhymes: -æʃənəl

national (comparative more national, superlative most national)

  1. Pertaining to a nation or country, especially as a whole; affecting, shared by, or existing throughout all of a nation. [from 16th c.]
  2. Belonging to or characteristic of a specific nation or country, as opposed to others. [from 17th c.]
  3. (now rare) Nationalistic; patriotic. [from 17th c.]

See nation for notes regarding the usage of national to refer to the UK and its member states.

national (plural nationals)

  1. A subject of a nation.
  2. (usually in the plural) A tournament in which participants from all over the nation compete.
  3. (usually in the plural, journalism) A national newspaper.
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  • nataloin, notalian

From New Latin nationalis.

  • IPA(key): [naɕoˈnæˀl], occasionally (to stress the opposition to international) IPA(key): [ˈnaɕoˌnæˀl]


  1. national, having to do with a particular country in opposition to other nations
    Antonym: international
  2. national, having to do with the whole and not only single parts of it
    Antonym: regional
  3. patriotic, having positive feelings for one's own nation
  • international
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From nation +‎ -al; cf. New Latin nationalis.

  • IPA(key): /na.sjɔ.nal/

national (feminine nationale, masculine plural nationaux, feminine plural nationales)

  1. national
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Derived from Nation (nation) under the influence of French national.

  • IPA(key): /ˌnatsi̯oˈnaːl/, [ˌna.tsjoˈnaːl], /ˈnatsi̯oˌnaːl/, [ˈna.tsjoˌnaːl]
  • Rhymes: -aːl

national (strong nominative masculine singular nationaler, comparative nationaler, superlative am nationalsten)

  1. national (being part of a nation's identity or character)
    eine nationale Traditiona national tradition
    die nationale Sprache (≈ die Nationalsprache)the national language
    nationale Eigenartennational characteristics
  2. national (of importance for the nation as a whole)
    nationale Belangenational interests
    eine nationale Katastrophea national catastrophe
    der nationale Dialogthe national dialogue
  3. nationwide, national (covering a country, as opposed to regional and international levels; see usage note below)
    nationale Parlamente (≈ Nationalparlamente)national parliaments
    auf nationaler Ebeneon the national level
    die nationale Gesetzgebungnational legislation
  4. (moderately) nationalist
    das nationale Lagerthe nationalist camp
    Sozialismus nationaler Prägungsocialism with a nationalist imprint
  • The comparative forms are infrequent.
  • German national in the sense of “nationwide” occurs chiefly in a political context, as shown in the examples above. Its use in other contexts is often modeled on English usage: ein nationaler Gesangswettbewerb (a national singing competition). The more idiomatic German word is landesweit or, in the cases of Germany and Austria specifically, bundesweit: ein landesweiter/bundesweiter Gesangswettbewerb.
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