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  1. plural of lab


  • B.L.A.S., BALs, BASL, BLAs, albs, slab



labs c

  1. indefinite genitive singular of lab





  1. plural of lab



From Proto-Baltic *labas, from Proto-Indo-European *labʰ- (to seize, to grab). The semantic development was apparently “seized, grabbed, taken” > “obtained, acquired (as property)” > “valuable, precious” > “good.” Cognates include Lithuanian lãbas (good; hello), lobùs (well-off, rich), Old Prussian labs (good), Sanskrit लभते (lábhate, to seize, to gain possession, to find, to have), Ancient Greek λάφῡρον (láphūron, booty, loot, plunder; gain, benefit).



labs (definite labais, comparative labāks, superlative vislabākais, adverb labi)

  1. good ((of people) following accepted moral rules, treating others in a sensitive, kind, friendly way; (of their actions) typical of such people)
    labs jaunietisgood young man
    laba sievietegood woman
    laba uzvedībagood behavior
    laba audzināšanagood education
    labais tonisgood, right tone
    cilvēks, kam tīk rozes un kas priecājas par bērniem, ir labs cilvēks — a person who likes roses and enjoys children is a good person
  2. good ((of people) among whom there is harmony, understanding, friendly relations; (of their actions, relations) typical of such people)
    labas draudzenesgood (female) friends
    labi darba biedrigood colleagues
    laba ģimenegood family
    laba saprašanāsgood understanding
    laba saticībagood harmony
  3. (of animals) good, tame, peaceful
    šis suns ir labs, nekož nevienamthis dog is good, he doesn't bite anyone
  4. (of people) good (who carry out their duties skillfully, conscientiously)
    labs arhitektsgood architect
    laba studentegood (female) student
    labi skolotājigood students, pupils
  5. good (appropriately fulfilling or corresponding to certain requirements or expectations; pleasant, causing pleasure)
    labs galdsgood table
    laba istabagood room
    laba maizegood bread
    labs siltumsgood heat
    labs vēja stiprumsgood wind (lit. wind strength)
    labs medību sunsgood hunting dog
    labas dējējvistasgood laying hens
    labi rudzigood rye
    labs pļaujas laiksgood harvest time
    laba augstskolagood college, university
    laba braukšana, skriešana, pastaigagood driving, running, walk(ing)
    labs amatsgood post, position
    laba nodarbošanagood occupation
    labs referātsgood report
    laba glezna, operagood painting, opera
    dot labu padomuto give good advice
    labs iespaidsgood impression
    labs krāsa tonisgood color tone
    ceriņiem ir laba smaržalilac has a good odor
    ģērbt, ēst tikai labuto wear, to eat only good (things)
  6. (of the body, its parts and functions) good (performing its functions appropriately, developing normally, as expected)
    laba dzirde, asinsritegood hearing, blood circulation
    labs miegs'good sleep
    labas uztveres spējasgood perception skills, discernment
    labs augumsgood height
    laba muskulatūragood muscles
    labi zobigood teeth
    laba gaita, stājagood pace, posture
    labas ausisgood ears
    vanagam ir labas acisthe hawk has good eyes
  7. good (relatively large, long, above average; (of time periods) complete, full)
    laba maizes rieciensgood chunk of bread
    laba kartupeļu ražagood potato harvest
    laba algagood salary
    labs ceļa gabals vēl ko ieta good piece of road still to go (= still a long way to go)
    ierasties pēc laba brīžato arrive after a good moment (= after considerable time)
    tēvs jau labā pusmūžāfather is already in good middle age (= well into middle age)
    atnākt labā tumsā — to arrive in good darkness (= well after dark, after nightfall)
    tēvs pārbrauc mājās labā novakarēfather came home in good evening (= well into the evening)
  8. (in the locative singular as a postposition, with genitive complement) for the good of, for the benefit of
    strādāt tautas labāto work for the good of the people
  9. (usually definite forms) right, right-hand side
    labā acs, roka, kājaright eye, hand/arm, foot/leg
    labais sānsright side
    suņa labā acsthe dog's right eye
    lidmašīnas labais spārnsthe airplane's right wing
    autobusa priekšējais labais ritenisthe bus' right rear wheel
    rakstāmgalda augšējā labā atvilktnethe desk top right drawer
    skatuves labā malathe right edge, side of the stage
    zāles labā pusethe right side of the hall, room
    upes labais kraststhe river's right bank
    iet pa ielas labo pusito go on the right side of the street
    gludināt audumu no labās pusesto iron the fabric from the right side



  • (of "good"): slikts (“bad”), ļauns (“evil”)
  • (of "right"): kreiss (“left”)

Derived terms

  • labdien, labrīt, labvakar
  • labējs
  • labums


  • Russian: ла́бус (lábus)




labs m pl

  1. plural of lab

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