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From Late Middle English fabulous, fabulose, from Latin fābulōsus (celebrated in fable); Equivalent to fable +‎ -ous.

  • IPA(key): /ˈfæbjʊləs/

fabulous (comparative more fabulous, superlative most fabulous)

  1. Of or relating to fable, myth or legend.
  2. Characteristic of fables; marvelous, extraordinary, incredible.
  3. Fictional or not believable; made up.
  4. (obsolete) Known for telling fables or falsehoods; unreliable.
  5. (slang) Very good; outstanding, wonderful.
  6. (slang) Camp, effeminate.
  7. (slang) Fashionable, glamorous.
  • In the sense of wonderful, the word is stereotypically associated with gay men. This may be a result of its former usage among valley girls.

For quotations using this term, see Citations:fabulous.

  • Thesaurus:excellent
  • fable

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