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From dad +‎ -y.


  • enPR: dăd'i, IPA(key): /ˈdædi/
  • Rhymes: -ædi


daddy (plural daddies)

  1. (usually childish) Father.
    Synonyms: dad, dada, papa, pop; see also Thesaurus:father
  2. (informal, with article) A perfect example, a role model.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:exemplar
    the daddy of them all
  3. (informal, in early use chiefly African-American Vernacular) A male lover.
  4. (dated slang) An informal term of address for a man.
  5. (BDSM, sexual slang) A dominant male partner, often used as an address.
  6. (slang) A male juvenile delinquent in a reformatory who dominates the other inmates through threats and violence.

Derived terms



daddy (third-person singular simple present daddies, present participle daddying, simple past and past participle daddied)

  1. (transitive, chiefly Appalachia) To father; to sire.


daddy (comparative daddier, superlative daddiest)

  1. (slang, uncommon) Resembling or characteristic of a dad.

See also

  • mom (Canada, South Africa, US, West Midlands)
  • mommy (Canada, US)
  • mum
  • mummy

Further reading

  • Jonathon Green (2023), “daddy n.”, in Green's Dictionary of Slang

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