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  1. (international standards) ISO 639-2 & ISO 639-3 language code for Caddo.

Short for caddie, from Scots, from French cadet, from dialectal capdet (chief, captain), from Latin capitellum, diminutive of caput (head).

  • IPA(key): /kæd/
  • Rhymes: -æd

cad (plural cads)

  1. A low-bred, presuming person; a mean, vulgar fellow, especially one that cannot be trusted with a lady.
    Synonyms: villain, dog, rascal, bounder
  2. (archaic) A person who stands at the door of an omnibus to open and shut it, and to receive fares; a bus conductor.
    • c. 1835, Charles Dickens, "Omnibuses" (in Sketches by Boz)
      We will back the machine in which we make our daily peregrination from the top of Oxford-street to the city, against any buss on the road, whether it be for the gaudiness of its exterior, the perfect simplicity of its interior, or the native coolness of its cad.
  3. (UK, Ireland, obsolete, slang) An idle hanger-on about innyards.
  • no way to treat a lady
  • ACD, ADC, CDA, D.Ac., DAC, DAc, DAc., DCA
  • cadu

From Late Latin cadeō, cadēre, from Latin cadō, cadĕre. Compare Daco-Romanian cad, cădea.

cad first-singular present indicative (third-person singular present indicative cadi or cade, past participle cãdzutã)

  1. to fall
  • cãdeari/cãdeare
  • cãderi
  • cãdzut
  • cãdzui
  • scad

Clipping of cad é, from early modern caidhe (what is?) from Old Irish cote (what is the nature of? of what kind is?), due to analogy with copular phrases like is é, an é.

  • IPA(key): /kad̪ˠ/


  1. (interrogative) what
    Synonyms: cad é, céard
  2. (Munster) (interrogative) where
    Cad as duit?Where are you from?
  • cad as duit? (where are you from?)
  • cad chuige (why)
  • cad ina thaobh (why)
  • Dinneen, Patrick S. (1904) “cad”, in Foclóir Gaeḋilge agus Béarla, 1st edition, Dublin: Irish Texts Society, page 103
  • Ó Dónaill, Niall (1977) “cad”, in Foclóir Gaeilge–Béarla, Dublin: An Gúm, →ISBN
  • IPA(key): /kad/
  • Rhymes: -ad


  1. inflection of cădea:
    1. first-person singular present indicative/subjunctive
    2. third-person plural present indicative

cad ?

  1. white
  • IPA(key): /kaːd/
  • Rhymes: -aːd

From Middle Welsh kad, kat, from Old Welsh cat, from Proto-Brythonic *kad (battle), from Proto-Celtic *katus (compare Old Irish cath), from Proto-Indo-European *kéh₃tus (fight).

cad f (plural cadau or cadoedd)

  1. battle, army
  • Cadan
  • cadoediad (ceasefire)
  • caed, cafwyd


  1. impersonal preterite of cael

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