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  • abrode (obsolete)
  • overbroad (obsolete)

First attested in mid 13th century. From Middle English abrood (broadly widely scattered), from a- (on, in) + brood (broad). Equivalent to a- +‎ broad.

  • (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /əˈbɹɔːd/
  • (US) IPA(key): /əˈbɹɔd/
  • (cotcaught merger) IPA(key): /əˈbɹɑd/
  • Rhymes: -ɔːd

abroad (not comparable)

  1. Beyond the bounds of a country; in foreign countries. [from 1350–1470]
  2. (dated) At large; widely; broadly; over a wide space. [from 1150–1350]
  3. (dated) Without a certain confine; outside the house; away from one's abode. [from 1150–1350)]
  4. (dated) Before the public at large; throughout society or the world; here and there; moving without restriction. [from late 15th c.]
  5. Not on target; astray; in error; confused; dazed. [from early 19th c.]
  6. (sports) Played elsewhere than one's home grounds.


  1. (rare, Scotland) Countries or lands abroad. [First attested in the mid 19th century.]
    • 1929, King George V, widely (and variously) quoted:
      I hate abroad, abroad’s bloody.
    • 2001 March 13, The Earl of Onslow, speaking in the House of Lords, quoted in Hansard:
      That is not a xenophobic remark. I am a xenophiliac; I love abroad. I love foreigners. I just do not like the way that they are running the European agricultural policy.
  • near abroad


  1. Throughout, over.

abroad (not comparable)

  1. (nonstandard, chiefly non-native speakers' English) International.
  • "Now abroad has entered English as a noun" - The New York Times, "ON LANGUAGE; The Near Abroad", William Safire, May 22, 1994, quoting Christian Caryl
  • A board, Baroda, aboard, aborad

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