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Learned borrowing from Ancient Greek ἄρον (áron). First attested in 1534.

  • (Middle Polish) IPA(key): /aˈa.rɔn/, /ˈa.rɔn/

aaron m inan

  1. (Middle Polish) arum, cuckoopint (a plant of the genus Arum)
    Synonym: (Modern Polish) obrazki
    1. (Middle Polish) a plant of the species Arum maculatum
      Synonyms: (Middle Polish) obrazki, wężownik więtszy, (Modern Polish) obrazki plamiste
    2. (Middle Polish) a plant of the species Arum italicum
      Synonyms: (Middle Polish) kokorzek, koziełki, lisie jajka, (Modern Polish) obrazki włoskie
  • Maria Renata Mayenowa, Stanisław Rospond, Witold Taszycki, Stefan Hrabec, Władysław Kuraszkiewicz (2010-2023) “aaron”, in Słownik Polszczyzny XVI Wieku [A Dictionary of 16th Century Polish]

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