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subsequent +‎ -ly


  • (UK, US) IPA(key): /ˈsʌb.sɪ.kwə


subsequently (not comparable)

  1. Following, afterwards in either time or place.
    • 1832 — John Richardson, Wacousta, volume II, chapter 7
      It will be recollected that the ill-fated Halloway...distinctly stated the voice of the individual who had approached his have been that of a female, and that the language in which they subsequently conversed was that of the Ottawa Indians.
  2. Accordingly, therefore (implying a logical connection or deduction).

Usage notes

  • Although subsequently is often used in a cause-and-effect relationship, it may also be used when no cause is implied.


  • (afterwards in time): afterwards, yet; see also Thesaurus:subsequently
  • (afterwards in sequence): ensuingly, followingly; see also Thesaurus:then
  • (accordingly): as a result, whence; see also Thesaurus:therefore

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