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From Middle English lady, laddy, lafdi, lavedi, from Old English hlǣfdīġe (mistress of a household, wife of a lord, lady, literally bread-kneader), from hlāf (bread, loaf) + dīġe (kneader), related to Old English dǣġe (maker of dough). Compare also lord. More at loaf, dairy, dough.


  • IPA(key): /ˈleɪdi/
  • Rhymes: -eɪdi
  • Hyphenation: la‧dy


lady (plural ladies)

  1. (historical) The mistress of a household.
  2. A woman of breeding or higher class, a woman of authority.
  3. The feminine of lord.
  4. A title for someone married to a lord or gentleman.
  5. A title that can be used instead of the formal terms of marchioness, countess, viscountess, or baroness.
  6. (polite or used by children) A woman: an adult female human.
  7. (in the plural) A polite reference or form of address to women.
  8. (slang) Used to address a female.
  9. (ladies' or ladies) Toilets intended for use by women.
  10. (familiar) A wife or girlfriend; a sweetheart.
    • , [Act II, scene ii]
      It is my Lady, O it is my Loue, O that ſhe knew ſhe were, / She ſpeaks, yet ſhe ſays nothing, what of that?
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  11. A woman to whom the particular homage of a knight was paid; a woman to whom one is devoted or bound.
    • The ſoldier here his waſted ſtore ſupplies, / And takes new valor from the Ladies’ eyes.
  12. (slang) A queen (the playing card).
  13. (attributive, with a professional title) Who is a woman.
  14. (Wicca) Alternative form of Lady.
  15. The triturating apparatus in the stomach of a lobster, consisting of calcareous plates; so called from a fancied resemblance to a seated female figure.
  16. (Britain, slang) A five-pound note. (Rhyming slang, Lady Godiva for fiver.)
  17. (slang) A woman’s breast.

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From English lady.


  • IPA(key): /lɛ.di/, /le.di/


lady f (plural ladys)

  1. lady (wife of a lord; important woman)

Further reading

  • “lady” in le Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of the French Language).



Borrowed from English lady.


lady f (invariable)

  1. lady (wife of a lord; important woman)

Middle English

Alternative forms

  • ladi, laddy, lafdi, lavedi


From Old English hlǣfdīġe, in turn from hlāf (bread, loaf) + dīġe (maid).


  • IPA(key): /ˈlaːdiː(ə)/
  • (Early ME) IPA(key): /ˈlavdiː(ə)/


lady (plural ladys)

  1. lady (important woman)


  • English: lady

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