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Alternative forms

  • black jack, black-jack


  • black +‎ jack


  • enPR: blăk'jăk, IPA(key): /ˈblækdʒæk/


blackjack (countable and uncountable, plural blackjacks)

  1. (card games) A common gambling card game in casinos, where the object is to get as close to 21 without going over.
  2. (card games) A hand in the game of blackjack consisting of a face card and an ace.
  3. (card games) A variant of switch where each player is initially dealt the same number of cards, usually seven, and when one player plays a black jack the player whose turn comes next has to pick up that many cards, unless they play a red jack (as this normally cancels a black jack).
  4. The flag (i.e., a jack) traditionally flown by pirate ships; popularly thought to be a white skull and crossed bones on a black field (the Jolly Roger).
  5. (weaponry) A small, flat, blunt, usually leather-covered weapon loaded with heavy material such as lead or ball bearings, intended to inflict a blow to the head that renders the victim unconscious with diminished risk of lasting cranial trauma.
    Coordinate terms: baton, cosh, sap
  6. (aviation) A tool of leather filled with shot (or similar), resembling the weapon, used for shaping sheet metal.
  7. Any of several species of weed of genus Bidens, such as Bidens pilosa, in the family Compositae.
  8. A blackjack oak.
    • 1931, William Faulkner, Sanctuary, Library of America, 1985, p.20:
      A steep slope rose, crested by stunted blackjacks.
  9. Any of a series of hard, dark soils, often considered low quality, but suitable for growing certain crops such as cotton.
    • 1859, Henry Ward Beecher, Plain and Pleasant Talk about Fruits, Flowers, and Farming, page 216:
      This man had a brother about six miles off, settled on a rich White River bottom-land farm -- and while a blackjack clay soil yielded seventy bushels to the acre, this fine bottom-land would not average fifty.
    • 1884, United States Census Office, Census Reports: Tenth Census: June 1, 1880: Cotton production in the United States, page 20:
      Blackjack soil is generally the poorest of all; it covers the narrow and rocky ridges, and has a stunted growth of blackjack and post oaks. The soil is dark in color, thin and cold, and is underlaid with pale yellow or slate-colored clay.
    • 1911, Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils, page 1871:
      The predominant soil is the blackjack soil like that of the lower plateaus, seemingly, however, in most cases a little more sandy and a little coarser in grain.
    • 2010, Gary Mark Fleeger, Steven J. Whitmeyer, The Mid-Atlantic Shore to the Appalachian Highlands: Field Trip Guidebook for the 2010 Joint Meeting of the Northeastern and Southeastern GSA Sections, Geological Society of America (→ISBN), page 48:
      Today, most types of land development in areas underlain by Iredell and related “blackjack” soil series—a catch-all term for Jackland, Whitestore, Orange, Zion, and other high shrink-swell clayey soils—is generally discouraged.
    • 2011, Michael Eury, Concord, Arcadia Publishing (→ISBN):
      Cotton grew robustly in western Cabarrus County's blackjack soil, pointing Concord beyond its agricultural base toward its first industry: textiles.
  10. (pharmacology, UK, rare) Ammonium bituminosulfonate.

Derived terms

  • with blackjack and hookers



blackjack (third-person singular simple present blackjacks, present participle blackjacking, simple past and past participle blackjacked)

  1. To strike with a blackjack or similar weapon.

See also

  • baccarat
  • bludgeon
  • cosh
  • pontoon
  • truncheon
  • twenty-one

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  • IPA(key): /ˈblækdʒæk/, [ˈblækdʒæk]



  1. blackjack (card game)
  2. blackjack (hand in that game)





blackjack m (plural blackjacks)

  1. blackjack (card game)

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  • “blackjack” in Diccionario de la lengua española, Vigésima tercera edición, Real Academia Española, 2014.

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